The Seventh Season is a hard rock band based in Pasadena, CA. Since its inception in 2003, The Seventh Season has played over two hundred live shows, and has released three full-lenth albums: Fall Within (2003), Transposition (2006) and Liquid Water (2007). Following a 2011-2015 hiatus, the band has returned to playing live, and is now recording two new studio albums. 


I would like to thank, from the bottom my heart, everyone who came out to our show at the West Cross Station in Ann Arbor area a few days ago. It was absolutely special for us to see so many of you show your support so far away from our home-base.

Plus, we got to jam on-stage with Fred Adams - he's a total legend!


It's at this point common knowledge that Eduardo Marturet is the coolest symphony conductor in the history of all time. I'm still mystified by the manner in which he is able to hide the musical structure beneath the melody, such that you don't notice how time-signatures and keys change. Drop-dead amazing.

It was a tremendous honor to play with the Miami Symphony a couple weeks ago. Still recovering from the experience. What I absolutely didn't expect, however, is that I would (ever in my life) end up opening for El Puma... A couple pix from the performance below.

Miami 2.0 

Playing with the Miami Symphony at the Mystery of Genius event was an absolutely amazing experience. To simply say that Maestro Eduardo Marturet is a musical genius would be the understatement of the century - he is both an amazing composer and a genuinely remarkable conductor. Eduardo has kindly invited me back to play with the symphony again on the 22nd March. I am deeply honored, and eagerly look forward to it. Gonna be so much fun!

-- K


Last night, I practiced the part I'm gonna play with the MISO this Thursday for the thousands time and officially decided it's time to pack up. I listened back later to my overdub of the stunningly awesome symphony part that Maestro Eduardo Marturet had prepared. It flows beautifully, but only when off-beat timing is spot on. And counting doesn't help - just gotta feel it. Would I have liked to practice for another ~month to make sure my part is spotless? Yes. But the shape it's in right now is not half bad, and there is something quintessentially rock'n'roll about the occasional sloppy note...

This morning at the airport, I put every Fragile sticker I could lay my hands on, onto the amp. But then, looking out of the window of my plane seat, I saw dudes in United hats throw my amp onto the conveyer belt. If it breaks mid-flight I'm goin postal!





Somehow it had eluded me that our photos page was a couple years out of date. I've added a few new pix from 2018 shows - check 'em out. Or better yet, just come see us live. Spring 2019 dates coming soon.



E and me, repeatedly hitting the rec button in my home studio. New material is starting to really come together.

Tonight We Rock @ Old Towne 

TechStock a couple weeks ago was a tremendous amount of fun. For tonight's Old Towne gig, for the first time in recorded history, we have a 5-person lineup. Which is fucking sweet.



Rollins will be making a comeback for the Old Towne show. But for TechStock, bass duties will be handled by Gabriele 'Gabe' Pichierri. Dude is a fantastic musician and we're happy to welcome him to the TSS family!

Previous events

Miami Symphony: Mystery of Genius

Moore Bldg, Design District, Miami, FL

Come support the Miami Symphony and the induction of Maestro Eduardo Marturet into the Genius 100 list of the Albert Einstein Legacy foundation. K will play lead guitar with the Symphony. No, for real!


Old Towne Pub, 23 E. Holly St., Pasadena

We are back at Old Towne on October 4th. Come rock out with us in this iconic Pasadena venue, and buy Chris Rollins many drinks, for later that night he will be placed on a flight to Alaska and the rest of us will miss him greatly.

Live @ Old Towne

OId Towne Pub, 23 E Holly St (down the alley), Pasadena, CA

Come rock out with us in this iconic Pasadena venue! As with most great things, it's hidden: to get inside, you have to take the alley going south off of Holly between Raymond and Fair Oaks.

8:45 pm - The Seventh Season
10:00 pm - Spooky Island
11:00 pm - Hot Sauce Holiday