Last night, I practiced the part I'm gonna play with the MISO this Thursday for the thousands time and officially decided it's time to pack up. I listened back later to my overdub of the stunningly awesome symphony part that Maestro Eduardo Marturet had prepared. It flows beautifully, but only when off-beat timing is spot on. And counting doesn't help - just gotta feel it. Would I have liked to practice for another ~month to make sure my part is spotless? Yes. But the shape it's in right now is not half bad, and there is something quintessentially rock'n'roll about the occasional sloppy note...

This morning at the airport, I put every Fragile sticker I could lay my hands on, onto the amp. But then, looking out of the window of my plane seat, I saw dudes in United hats throw my amp onto the conveyer belt. If it breaks mid-flight I'm goin postal!





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